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SaleHoo Review – SaleHoo UK, USA, NZ Reviews

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If you’re looking for suppliers for products to sell on Amazon, eBay or Etsy marketplaces then this SaleHoo review will provide you useful information on , SaleHoo Dropship and SaleHoo Educate. Not to mention the business opportunities that you can put into action right away.

SaleHoo Review –

Sure, you can find your own products suppliers but there is a higher risk of getting burnt by unscrupulous suppliers. And this is where comes in. The SaleHoo Directory list was established back in 2005 in New Zealand but its customers are worldwide. You’ve SaleHoo customers in UK, US, Canada, Australia and many other parts of the world.

The SaleHoo Directory contains 8,000+ verified and trusted suppliers. As a member of this directory, you’ll have access to 150 product categories that make up the 300,000+ products.

Maybe you’ve your own online ecommerce store or you plan to sell on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or Etsy. You will have the satisfaction that the trusted wholesalers and have been verified according to SaleHoo criteria which includes low costs and reliability. The low cost of the products allow you to sell with a good profit margin while remaining competitive.

SaleHoo Directory – Who is it for?

If you’re an online seller, the SaleHoo Directory provides you with great resources to help you make informed choices to increase your odds of success. The following groups of sellers can benefit from directory membership:

  1. If you’re a beginner you can derive comfort that the suppliers on the list are verified so the risk of being scammed is reduced. Plus SaleHoo includes information about best selling products.
  2. If you’re struggling to find reliable suppliers, even though you maybe an intermediate or advanced seller who has experience selling online, SaleHoo Directory may provide you the answers.
  3. For intermediate and advanced sellers that want to branch into new items, but need information on which items are selling well and information on dependable suppliers.

How does SaleHoo work?

SaleHoo Directory has come a LONG way since the early days of 2005. 

  • Search feature -The SaleHoo Directory list now has an improved Search feature.
  • Supplier snapshots – which are designed to help you learn more about the supplier you will be dealing with is another new feature added.
  • At least 2,000 more suppliers have been added.
  • a custom-designed market research software is also now part of SaleHoo Directory.

For a year’s membership it costs you US$67. This membership gives you access to all of SaleHoo Directory resources which includes the following:

  • Full access to the private members forum: There are some amazing discussions there among members and powersellers – you get a pile lot of valuable tips and tricks straight from the experts that you can’t find elsewhere.
  • Regularly updated step-by-step guides on all aspects of running an online ecommerce business.
  • Daily updated suppliers: Be the first to start using new suppliers as they are added to SaleHoo. There are currently 8,000+ suppliers for you to choose from, and this is growing daily.
  • Salehoo custom-built market research and analysis tool: This awesome tool helps you identify the trends and find products that have high potential to make you profit. Easily discover profitable products before you buy. Each week they scan and research popular products that you could sell online, saving you time and guess work.
  • Full email and chat support: If you have a burning question or want a custom-created list of suppliers for the product you’re looking for, send them a message and they’ll get to it.

If you’re new to online selling, I’m sure you will find this free guide helpful: The beginners’ guide to starting a business selling things online

When you are ready to get started and access our suppliers you can join here: Join SaleHoo Directory

SaleHoo Shopify – SaleHoo Dropship

If you’re a SaleHoo Dropshiping user, you can automate your dropship store. SaleHoo Dropship lets you add trending products from AliExpress to your Shopify store in minutes. It’s the simplest, smartest way to dropship.

Your need to be using Shopify to take advantage of this automation feature. Some people refer to this as ” SaleHoo Shopify

SaleHoo Review – SaleHoo Educate

SaleHoo’s exclusive ecommerce training videos teach them how to build a successful online stores using Shopify, Amazon, eBay and more. SaleHoo Educate Users will learn from the experts.

SaleHoo reviews complaints

At the time of writing this article August 2021, there’re 390 SaleHoo reviews on: and of these reviews 91% are Excellent; while 5% are Good.

Most of the users seem to be impressed by the customer support they received.

SaleHoo Market Research Lab review

SaleHoo market research lab review sometimes referred just as SaleHoo labs.
With access to the SaleHoo Market Research Lab, you’ll be able to see which products are best selling. SaleHoo labs also give you information to help you promote hot selling products successfully (such as what auction start times on eBay have had the greatest success).

SaleHoo Review – Cons

  • If you’ve time and are prepared to learn through your own mistakes, then why pay for membership to SaleHoo Directory? You might as well save yourself some money.

SaleHoo Review – Conclusion

  • For USD67 / per year, I think it’s great value for money because SaleHoo Directory introduces you to prequalified wholesalers and dropshippers and thereby reducing your risk of being scammed.
  • The tools you have with a membership helps to make better decisions based on real data.
  • SaleHoo Market Research Lab allows you to test products before investing too much money and time.

I would definitely recommend getting this resources for the reasons stated above and more.

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